About Us

We love podcasts. We love listening, learning, and laughing.

The long-form, free-flowing nature of podcasts allow us to consume information in a way that just isn’t possible any way else.

The problem, however, is that this lengthy, audio-only format has drawbacks.

While we’re listening, we feel inspired. We feel energized, we feel motivated, we feel like we’re learning so much. Three hours fly by, and soon, the energy, motivation, and knowledge just… disappears.

There’s no way to remember the firehose of information you just heard, and it’s incredibly difficult to search for that one quote that got your juices flowing.

We wanted a way to easily capture every interesting fact, inspirational quote, and hilarious joke
and quickly reference them later…

So we created it.

Enter Castscribe, your Personal Podcast Note-taker.

Our Promise

Castscribe was created to be something we would want to use ourselves.

So, we are committed to treating every customer as good or better than we would want to be treated ourselves.